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Action park plan

Families of the 29 victims of the 2010 explosion have been trying for years to find a way into the mine as they seek to recover the miners' bodies, but have been held up due to safety concerns.

They worked with the government, silk ribbon embroidery health and safety experts and Solid Energy - which now owns the mine - on the plan.

Families' spokesman Bernie Monk says the plan would see a party go in with breathing apparatus, put in a seal and gradually move part-way into the mine.

He is hopeful at least some of the men's bodies can be recovered.

The plan needs the approval of Solid Energy's board, the government's high hazards unit and cabinet.

If agreement is reached, the government has promised $10 million to pay for the operation.

Energy Minister Simon Bridges says he does not yet know the detail of the plan property in thailand For Sale, but is eager to look further at it.

"We have always said if there is a safe and financially and technically credible plan, that we will back it.

"As soon as Solid Energy sign off a plan, it will come to me and I won't muck around - I will be bringing that to cabinet forthwith, so really at the moment it's Solid Energy, they are the decision-makers."

West Coast-Tasman Labour MP Damien O'Connor is hopeful the plan will get the go-ahead.

"This is a long-awaited decision for the families and it will hopefully offer some emotional compensation for the huge loss they suffered nu skin hong kong."

Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union national secretary Bill Newson says the union will do anything it can to support the plan.

"You can imagine what those families have been going through. They were promised at the time, by the prime minister, that these men would be brought home."
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