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Successful distance

Someone said, no goal, life will lose its original meaning. Visible, whether we are in a stage of life, we must have a goal. The goal of generating power, power urged us to success. With the goal, we should also learn to decompose goals, will be a big goal into several small target Hong Kong Gifts and Premium.

In 1984, the Tokyo International Marathon Invitational, unheralded Japan's Yamada Motochi beyond all expectations to win the world champion. Two years later, at the Italy International Marathon Invitational, he also won the champion of the world. In the introduction to the experience, Yamada said: " before every game, I have to travel to the racing line carefully read, and to compare the eye-catching signs along the way to draw down, such as the first sign is the bank, the second mark is a tree, the third logo is a red house ... ... This has been drawn to the end. After the match began, I was with the speed of 100 meters to 1 aim rush go, reached the first goal, I again at the same rate to the second aim rush go. 40 kilometers race so I was a segment to run. "

People have done an experiment: organization of the three group of people, so that they were walking to the three village ten kilometers away. The first group of people do not know the name of the village, also do not know how far away, just tell them to follow the wizard to walk the line. After the two or three km away half of people crying, people almost angry, some people even sitting by the roadside to go back, the more their more depressed. Second groups of people know the name of the village and the distance, but the road no milepost, they can rely on the experience of travel time and distance estimation. Went to half time most people want to know how long they have already gone, the more experienced people said: " probably walked half the journey. " So we are surrounded by the forward. When walking to the full three fourths, morale, feel terribly fatigued, and it also seems to be very long, when someone says: " come! " we cheer up to speed up the pace of. Third groups of people not only know the village name, distance, and the side of the road each kilometre milepost, people while looking at milepost, shorten each one kilometer people have a small array of happiness. Travel in their songs and laughter to eliminate fatigue, mood has been high, soon arrived at the destination. Without a goal is blind, more patience will be while, again the strong confidence will be destroyed. Give yourself a clear vision, and small target which is decomposed into each stage can be achieved, hope you will always waving in the former direction, until the end of the day Grandmart promotional premium.

The psychologist said: life in a lot of people would give up halfway, because it is often not too difficult, but feel too far away from the success. They do not fall by the wayside, but because no definite and specific goals lead to burnout.

If we know how to break down your goal, work steadily forward, perhaps success is not far away Grandmart advertising premium.

We will " target " into " objective " and " sign, " can be interpreted as: on my way to the destination in the road, there are a lot of signs. These signs reminding us, not too far away!
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