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The spring rain

When spring break the spell of the winter, came to the north of the frozen world, people can't feel the warmth, but really have rang the bell of spring season.
The north spring tender feelings you will never understand, don't want to to the ChunYan whistle, a profusion of garden flowers, you just know, but spring is waved farewell.
Want to embrace the spring here Dream beauty pro, then go with me to read the spring rain!
When the first spring rain was falling, let us feel the spring tender feelings together. Close your eyes, hands reach out, snow and spring rains into palms together, cool but not like freezing in winter. Little voice slowly into, that is the spring's remarks, soft warm the fabric of frozen earth. Cx gradually melting in winter that finally proud heart no longer struggle, a hint of a retreat in the spring rain.
Spring is a loving mother, and the spring rain is admonished her gentle. Spring's footsteps slowly, always tolerant towards an object of ice and snow, a another shower Dream beauty pro, gently soft soft melt, hillside field cx behind the house, with the love of mother to child and the land.
Wisper, trickling rain, this is a mother's love, in the wake of the children. Seeds in the soil heard her voice, and eager to open the quilt like a child, go to the sun. Wisper, trickling rain, rain of the soil moist as soft as cotton.
On a sunny morning, casual look, I didn't know when to have full of roadside green, tender green shoots on the no soil. They vied with one another with the sun, bathed in the spring breeze, their rapid growth.
"Rumble" thunderbolt, at first, it is a spring rain, beating in the tree canopies of the boom, pour in the emerald paddy fields. It was a cold spring rain, all life cheered the spring rain, Dream beauty pro at this time of the spring rain is no longer "moistens everything silently", she is telling a passionate love for life.
If you in enjoying the spring rain, all the way in that tree full of cherry blossoms, you must have heard, playing in the spring of life movement; If you all the way in watching the spring rain, so the look is the mud all over the ground, you must have smell, spring brewing fragrance of life.
When spring came, rain possessions on the great river north and south. Compared to the south of the four spring-like, after the spring rain in the north is light colour ink landscape painting, as those mr.zhou chun, apricot blossom, Dream beauty pro cherry blossoms every bit in return for the grace of the spring rain.
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