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Have reason to

I want a have reason,

If you have a warm wood is cold in the furnace,

I would like to turn into silent furnace,

Even if life relatively speechless,

Only have the punctual warmth Dream beauty pro,

That is the reason I close to you.

If you care about is the stars in the dark night,

I would like to turn into the silence of the tree,

Even if only ever far,

Just want to feel the tacit understanding of each other.

That is the reason I see you.

If you the blessing of the sea on the voyage,

I would like to turn into waiting stone Dream beauty pro,

Regret waiting even a few who will,

Just a touch to rub shoulders with the beautiful,

That is my after your reasons.

I need an excuse Dream beauty pro,

A closer to your reason,

But I was not at all.

See furnace burning wood, see stars dim, the sail set sail.

I have no language HKUE amec,

No reason to the language of the organization.
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