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Clear night

If you stop the night cold. Leaving only meimei starlight. The night scenery of the roadside whether there will be more people appreciate. If stop life regret. And there will be many willing to be tempted of Dream beauty pro...

The night is not black night is not cold. Only the night a bit starlight more street view street view it instead of the stars. Starlight buried street view. Is too beautiful. Or a street too bright. In street view and against the background of the stars the night also is so clear,,,,,,

Life stopped regret stop at that moment. You will receive it? Received signal it to stop. At that moment it tells all. I will stop at the moment, so the regret of life, the life without regret Dream beauty pro, we will to buy it? We would like to for a heartbeat? Life without regret, there must be a clear sky? I think I can say...

In the dark of the night, I want to see now, I don't care about it, how many stars, how many street view, I care about is just at the moment of the night. The night is very beautiful, the night at the moment, there is a clear beauty.

Life, I will live, may now, life would be a little regret, but it is precisely because life is a little regret, only let us life seemed so special so real, and those who now regret, may be in the near future, HKUE ENG will be better.

After all there are tempted for things happen for a long time, now the night, life now, don't miss the past, not to think, want to go now, so very good

The night was clear and sunny, the night life, life tempted.
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