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Into the autumn of October


The wind gradually far, the summer day, a riot of colours flower catkins, quietly hid in the brown green mountain, a thunder across the mountain, with the cold rain blowing hot sky, rain drops of clear cheek, Qin Yun heart fence, Accounting in HK along the way, splash, the cool, the heart.

Imperceptibly into the autumn of October, the sky was clear, cool breeze, nature plays brushes, in the mountains, in the stretches of the Great Wall, in the bright pearl of Jiangnan, deep in the vast desert border of diversiform leaved poplar forest, in the graceful Zhuiman path to Hao, ink jet dyeing. Brown and green mountain breeze four, undulating crest, field harvest Jinsui fragrance, rippling water crab fat, falling tangerine Liuxiang overflow, the mountain is covered with leaves crazy with hills, a Qiu Yang spray afternoon discharge, interchange extends to the field, see I delude one to folly...... .

October autumn, such as color ink surging tapestry extremely enchanting, write true to life likeness, smoke like Piaoyun, patches of autumn leaves such as Xia Si, leisurely autumn love ended in the mountains, pavilions, bend, long green pines and cypresses, the series of silk autumn dance in the wind, red autumn, registration of company in Hong Kong petal fall without a trace, drunk you my heart, autumn lotus Zhengyan fell the aromatic, gradually gone. You and I walk in the autumn hill, listening to the wind singing, listening to the piece of the broken leaves swaying, petals dancing, Shanting mid fall red, enjoy the autumn. As night fell, lights Ambilight flow through recession Town, perfect conjugal bliss, a quiet lake on the lake every night by corrugated, acoustic song, way of love, sex and love.

Looking at the flying geese purples forest, stand among the blooming luxuriantly green, I fold a paper fan yellow, stacked memory away, to the past, the beak of a seed, also do not know the next fall Ho? The moment the deep courtyard full of chrysanthemum, filled the garden, a wisp of chrysanthemum fragrance Xiren, through the corridor, Business Registry Hong Kong endless thoughts in the autumn wind in the air, a flower heart flower bloom in the eyes, I lean on the window the static autumn, autumn chrysanthemum cool feeling, long fallen petals dance, slowly through the fleeting years the long, long trail......
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