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I hurt the most

A chance, your seeds, such as lost dandelion, floated into my dreams in the soil, the heart will be addicted to love.

I remember the day, some of the blue sky Office Design, floating silk strands of rain, you go without edges in the youth open, small umbrella is a supporting role. I didn't see your face, the Qunjiao wind, most incisive when pictures of artistic conception, aesthetic me tangled sight.

I hide in my little castle, search the cheerful music, the hearts of the captive alive and kicking deer; in real time, virtual meet again heart, dream your stars like the true mingled with the false eyes and faintly visible face. Sentence a bud just ready to burst the heart, shyly covered with paper Zhang Boda mind, enjoy the warmth of the sun, singing the spring warmth Residence Design. Hope is always infinite looking for unexpected benefit, impulse cruising, can't lock emotion is more substantial, more can appreciate and restore the depths of my heart the most primitive human nature; imperceptibly grow wings of love, in the dream is not empty, to flower pistil,  feeling full of flower love smart.

Shallow separation, is it right? Also predicts a meet better next time? Who can love, is the heart of the courtyard, entanglement may not know the plot.

Two hungry hand, omitted the first meet the embarrassment and subtle, know as early, waiting for each other each other is each other, each other pulsation.

You and I sit on a bench in the park, very close; in relative to the eyes to see their discharge of youth, only breathe to touch at the moment of subtle. Language interpretation of the expression of the most perfect, the heart gradually stripped the disguise, exposed the initial feelings Office Design, two hearts are attracted to each other, mutual collision, a little fire, a flame of complex and simple distillation. You leaned on my shoulder, white clouds in the sky and the imagination, taste the love new Liu warm, you said you would be my soil planted a red bean, growing love long. I hold your hand,  listen to your holy soul monologue, immersed in your faint scent of illusion, reluctant to leave.

The wind, you poke cheek wind tangled hair, stand gracefully erect into landscape, in the rain, I hold your hand hide under an umbrella, but hide but left the beautiful figure. A cup of coffee foam filled with sweet, a little ice cream is hidden surprises; we do nest in spring in the winter warm, in the spring sing winter pure, more in their own design ideas, learn to Eagle pose, spread wings and fly between the blue sky and green. Tired, you are in my heart to build the station, sleeping. Tired, I am full of silently conveyed tenderness in your eyes, bath fire. Our season is not lonely, is full of joy and happiness.

Together is always short, parting is always too long; the two people in the world, how can a person alone.

Love, who lit your magic, makes people ecstasy in bit by bit, and in the video and not knowing why it is so. The red carpet, red lanterns, red candle; pure wedding, clean gloves, pure bride; I like such as the wedding of the protagonist, a ring of the promise, was a sweet life.

People are enjoying the love in this imaginary?
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