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The Appalachian Trail

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The exploitation of the family

A woman dubbed the "nightmare nanny" in U.S. media after she refused to move out of the house of a California family she was working for has said she was being exploited.

Speaking out publicly for the first time, Diane Stretton, 64, told Los Angeles radio station KNX 1070 and television station KTLA in interviews on Monday that she was forced to work for days on end without breaks looking after Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte's three children, office furniture and quit before she was fired.

"They were the ones that were trying to exploit me as if I was some poor migrant worker from a foreign country that they could just exploit and work 24/7," Stretton told KNX.

The Bracamontes have said they hired Stretton in March to watch their children and do chores for room and board in their Upland home but that she stopped working within weeks.

They say the nanny told them she had chronic pulmonary disease, ignored repeated requests to leave and made them scared for their property and the safety of their children nu skin, ages 11, 4 and 1. Stretton said she was doing her job.

"There wasn't a single day I was there except for the two days I was sick that I didn't do dishes or about two to three hours of cleanup," she told KTLA.

She also told the station the family tried to feed her dog food and that Marcella Bracamonte had a temper.

The Bracamontes could not be reached for comment. But Ralph Bracamonte said on his Facebook page that Stretton's allegations were untrue.

"Like I've been saying, this woman loves to play chess, nu skin hk and I knew she would come up with something. It's just sad and really breaks my heart," he said.

Marcella Bracamonte told ABC News' "Good Morning America" the nanny had told the family's attorney she plans to leave by July 4, and California media have reported that Stretton appeared to now be living out of her car.

The family had earlier said the woman threatened to sue them for wrongful termination and elder abuse. Police declined to intervene in a civil matter nuskin hk, so the couple launched an eviction process, which they feared could take months.

Police say that once a person establishes residency they must be "formally evicted" under California law, a process that could lead to a court-ordered "forcible eviction" carried out by county sheriff's deputies.
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Today's primary

Two fancy Republican incumbents —Sen. Lindsey Graham and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor — will almost certainly win their primaries against challenges from the right on Tuesday. But in a year where Tea Party-affiliated candidates are spending money like they have a shot at some of the "establishment," everyone's still keeping an eye on both races anyway nuskin hk.

Cantor hopes to emerge with a strong margin of victory in Virginia, as he normally does, from Tuesday's contest. And while the campaign hasn't made any statements indicating that they have some nerves going into today, it certainly looks like Cantor's people felt this year was a bit different. National Journal reports:

"Cantor has expended unusual effort (and funds) against a seemingly harmless opponent, going to the trouble of running negative TV ads and sending mailers defending his position on immigration legislation after [challenger Dave Brat] successfully directed the debate away from local jobs and toward a national issue nuskin hk."

Basically, his challenger has talked non-stop about Cantor's support for immigration reform as a bad thing (remember, Brat is to the right of the already conservative Cantor), and the strategy is working, kind of. Cantor's lead is much smaller than it was last time, according to most polling ahead of today's votes. But Cantor still has a majority of voters on his side. For some conservatives, that doesn't really matter: if Cantor's immigration stance makes the race closer, it's still kind of a victory. That was the implication of a National Review piece on Brat, noting that "there’s no chance Cantor will do as well in Tuesday’s vote as he did two years ago."

Sen. Graham, on the other hand, has six challengers from within the party for his South Carolina primary today. Under state rules, he needs 50 percent of the vote to win the primary without a run-off two weeks from now. Since none of his challengers have really materialized as the fulcrum of anti-Graham voters, he'll probably overcome whatever intra-party opposition he faces either now or two weeks from now (he'd obviously prefer the former to the latter). As NBC News reported in April, that's actually a big turn around from the perception (although not necessarily the reality) that Graham could be one of the most vulnerable GOP senators up for re-election this cycle office furniture, because of his immigration reform support and his votes in favor of two Supreme Court justices nominated by Obama.

There are several other races to watch today, including the crowded Democratic primary for the blue seat of retiring Rep. Jim Moran, the GOP primary to determine who will challenge incumbent Rep. Steven Horsford of Nevada in November, nuskin hk and the race to fill the open seat in 2nd Congressional District of Maine. We'll have updates here later as the results come in Tuesday evening.
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The deadly swine virus

Confirmed cases of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus increased by 296 in the week ended March 15, bringing the total number to 4,757, according to data released on Thursday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN).

The U.S. and Canadian hog industries have recently developed partnerships to research what role, if any, nuskin hk feed or feed ingredients have had in the transmission of PEDv, the National Pork Board said earlier this week. The report from USDA's NAHLN does not include test results from feed samples.

No new states reported cases leaving the affected states at 27, the group of animal researchers said.

While one case can represent an individual animal or an entire herd at a single site, hog industry analysts estimate PEDv has killed an estimated 5 million U.S. hogs since it was discovered in May 2013.

"Unfortunately it has spread rapidly this winter, especially here in Ohio," said Duane Stateler, Ohio Pork Council president and hog producer with a 7,200 head operation.

PEDv, which does not affect humans and is not a food safety risk, Secondary School causes diarrhea, vomiting and severe dehydration in pigs. While older pigs have a chance of survival, 80 to 100 percent of piglets that contract it die.

"The smaller the pig the harder it is for them to recover and come back," Stateler said.

The U.S. hog industry has grappled with tactics to contain the spread of the highly contagious pig virus using strict biosecurity measures as its main line of defense nu skin.

The spread of the virus has already crimped market ready hog supply not only in the U.S. Midwest but also along the East Coast, forcing some pork packing plants to reduce slaughter operations.

There is talk in the hog industry of some Midwest pork packing facilities considering several operations of either cutting one day a week, trimming daily operating hours, Combination House or eliminating Saturdays and overtime in order to reduce total operating hours, hog dealers have said.

Last week, Smithfield Foods Inc. suspended hog slaughter on Friday at its Tar Heel, North Carolina, plant which has a slaughter capacity of 30,000 to 34,000 head as PEDv has tightened hog supplies, industry sources said.
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