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5 Things You Should Keep Back from People

We are living in a wonderful, but insincere and subtle world. Sometimes it’s better to hold your tongue and just smile to the people you’re talking with. You don’t have to behave like James Bond, but you should be a bit cunning and bright enough for the sake of your happiness and prosperity.

On the one hand, human curiosity drives people to explore and understand many truths and secrets of life. On the other hand, dark-hearted personalities may use their knowledge and the info about other people to bring somebody down. If you’re too talkative by nature, you need to know what to say and what to keep back from others. I can state with assurance that the most dangerous and taboo theme is your life problems. Your problems are your own and telling everyone about your failures is a bad idea, because you can become a Ms. Negativity for your friends. Positive and joyous people don’t yearn to get drawn into somebody’s issues, because it’s not their pair of shoes. Bad people are often glad to see drowning in your problems and tears. They can also turn your misery against you and your family.

I know that my life is my burden and if somebody is insistently interested in my life, I try to ignore their questions and use jokes. Humor and sarcasm help me handle the situation and remain polite with negative people. Here are 5 things you should never discuss with people.

1. Your secrets
What is the meaning of the word ‘secret’? I think that secret is a piece of news, definite truth or information known to a limited number of people. Every single person in this world has at least one secret. I know that keeping secrets is a challenging thing, because not everyone can resist the temptation to share interesting information about somebody or something. I try to let only dearest and nearest into my little ordinary secrets. I’m sure that my family will never play a double game with me. When it comes to top secrets, I try to hide the forbidden info from everyone. I won’t have a good night’s sleep, if I know that the top secrets of my soul are open to a large number of people and enemies.

2. Private life
Private life is a sacred and precious thing. I’m not a superstitious person, but I believe that the power of human feelings and emotions can affect my private life. No one likes to be condemned for their actions, words and interests. Nowadays youth unconsciously provokes others to discuss and criticize their private life. They post personal info, photos and videos on different social media websites. Millions of people have an opportunity to observe the details of each others’ personal life.

Social networks are the biggest source of lies and misinformation. Plus your enemies can turn it to their advantage. They may slander you or your dearest people that is extremely dangerous for your relationship. There’s no need to delete or block your social network accounts. Just try to add fewer photos that make your private life accessible to both good and bad personalities.

3. Incomes
Do you like when others ask you about your incomes? I think, no. This is pointless question. This question is usually asked by those who like to count the money of others. If you want to have stable incomes, then try to be less boastful. People often cannot overcome a deep feeling of envy when they see somebody’s welfare. Malignant envy can exert big negative influence on your luck.

If you’re in the money, you should learn to resist people’s envy. The art of being rich is not only the ability to make money, but the skill to save it and hide your incomes from ill-wishers. Try to behave naturally and speak less about your savings and goods. It will serve as a shield from the dark energy of envious people.

4. Your heart
Human heart is a very vulnerable and frail thing. Only one careless word or action can seriously hurt it. You should be careful while talking to other people. Your desire to pour out your soul can help you get rid of negativity and find strength and inspiration to live. But, every bean has its back. Your enemies can get to know all your weak points and miseries. I hope you realize that no good will come of it. There can be no doubt that your opponents will find a wonderful opportunity to rub salt into your wounds and make your life more difficult for you.

If you want to share your pain with somebody else, you need to be sure that the interlocutor means you well. Openness and sincerity require a high level of assurance and confidence. When my worries and anxiety are lying like a heavy weight on my heart, I go to the church and bare my soul to the God. He’s the one who’ll never criticize or condemn my life.

5. Future goals
Every person in the world has certain dreams, plans and goals. Many communicative personalities fancy discussing their future plans with people they don’t know well. What for to tell somebody about your dream? You’d better reach your goals without announcing and sharing them with others.

It’s scientifically proved that garrulous people have fewer chances to achieve desirable results than those who tend to keep their future projects and ideas in secret. I think that your intentions shouldn’t become public, but remain personal. When you fulfill the task, you’ll have a nice occasion to boast your achievements. I know that it’s also challenging and harmful to suppress the desire to announce your plans, but the game is worth the candle. It will help you concentrate on your thoughts and make you motivated enough to accomplish them.

Communication with people is a good thing, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, there’re lots of crafty people who dream to stab you in the back at the earliest opportunity. Wise people try not to give occasion to their enemies. They keep their life in secret and avoid quality chats with people they don’t trust. You should also know that your tongue can be your enemy. I hope these pieces of advice will help you make a resolute step toward success. Do you keep your private life in secret? What other things we should keep back from people? Share your thoughts, please.
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Clear night

If you stop the night cold. Leaving only meimei starlight. The night scenery of the roadside whether there will be more people appreciate. If stop life regret. And there will be many willing to be tempted of Dream beauty pro...

The night is not black night is not cold. Only the night a bit starlight more street view street view it instead of the stars. Starlight buried street view. Is too beautiful. Or a street too bright. In street view and against the background of the stars the night also is so clear,,,,,,

Life stopped regret stop at that moment. You will receive it? Received signal it to stop. At that moment it tells all. I will stop at the moment, so the regret of life, the life without regret Dream beauty pro, we will to buy it? We would like to for a heartbeat? Life without regret, there must be a clear sky? I think I can say...

In the dark of the night, I want to see now, I don't care about it, how many stars, how many street view, I care about is just at the moment of the night. The night is very beautiful, the night at the moment, there is a clear beauty.

Life, I will live, may now, life would be a little regret, but it is precisely because life is a little regret, only let us life seemed so special so real, and those who now regret, may be in the near future, HKUE ENG will be better.

After all there are tempted for things happen for a long time, now the night, life now, don't miss the past, not to think, want to go now, so very good

The night was clear and sunny, the night life, life tempted.
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Into the autumn of October


The wind gradually far, the summer day, a riot of colours flower catkins, quietly hid in the brown green mountain, a thunder across the mountain, with the cold rain blowing hot sky, rain drops of clear cheek, Qin Yun heart fence, Accounting in HK along the way, splash, the cool, the heart.

Imperceptibly into the autumn of October, the sky was clear, cool breeze, nature plays brushes, in the mountains, in the stretches of the Great Wall, in the bright pearl of Jiangnan, deep in the vast desert border of diversiform leaved poplar forest, in the graceful Zhuiman path to Hao, ink jet dyeing. Brown and green mountain breeze four, undulating crest, field harvest Jinsui fragrance, rippling water crab fat, falling tangerine Liuxiang overflow, the mountain is covered with leaves crazy with hills, a Qiu Yang spray afternoon discharge, interchange extends to the field, see I delude one to folly...... .

October autumn, such as color ink surging tapestry extremely enchanting, write true to life likeness, smoke like Piaoyun, patches of autumn leaves such as Xia Si, leisurely autumn love ended in the mountains, pavilions, bend, long green pines and cypresses, the series of silk autumn dance in the wind, red autumn, registration of company in Hong Kong petal fall without a trace, drunk you my heart, autumn lotus Zhengyan fell the aromatic, gradually gone. You and I walk in the autumn hill, listening to the wind singing, listening to the piece of the broken leaves swaying, petals dancing, Shanting mid fall red, enjoy the autumn. As night fell, lights Ambilight flow through recession Town, perfect conjugal bliss, a quiet lake on the lake every night by corrugated, acoustic song, way of love, sex and love.

Looking at the flying geese purples forest, stand among the blooming luxuriantly green, I fold a paper fan yellow, stacked memory away, to the past, the beak of a seed, also do not know the next fall Ho? The moment the deep courtyard full of chrysanthemum, filled the garden, a wisp of chrysanthemum fragrance Xiren, through the corridor, Business Registry Hong Kong endless thoughts in the autumn wind in the air, a flower heart flower bloom in the eyes, I lean on the window the static autumn, autumn chrysanthemum cool feeling, long fallen petals dance, slowly through the fleeting years the long, long trail......
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Successful distance

Someone said, no goal, life will lose its original meaning. Visible, whether we are in a stage of life, we must have a goal. The goal of generating power, power urged us to success. With the goal, we should also learn to decompose goals, will be a big goal into several small target Hong Kong Gifts and Premium.

In 1984, the Tokyo International Marathon Invitational, unheralded Japan's Yamada Motochi beyond all expectations to win the world champion. Two years later, at the Italy International Marathon Invitational, he also won the champion of the world. In the introduction to the experience, Yamada said: " before every game, I have to travel to the racing line carefully read, and to compare the eye-catching signs along the way to draw down, such as the first sign is the bank, the second mark is a tree, the third logo is a red house ... ... This has been drawn to the end. After the match began, I was with the speed of 100 meters to 1 aim rush go, reached the first goal, I again at the same rate to the second aim rush go. 40 kilometers race so I was a segment to run. "

People have done an experiment: organization of the three group of people, so that they were walking to the three village ten kilometers away. The first group of people do not know the name of the village, also do not know how far away, just tell them to follow the wizard to walk the line. After the two or three km away half of people crying, people almost angry, some people even sitting by the roadside to go back, the more their more depressed. Second groups of people know the name of the village and the distance, but the road no milepost, they can rely on the experience of travel time and distance estimation. Went to half time most people want to know how long they have already gone, the more experienced people said: " probably walked half the journey. " So we are surrounded by the forward. When walking to the full three fourths, morale, feel terribly fatigued, and it also seems to be very long, when someone says: " come! " we cheer up to speed up the pace of. Third groups of people not only know the village name, distance, and the side of the road each kilometre milepost, people while looking at milepost, shorten each one kilometer people have a small array of happiness. Travel in their songs and laughter to eliminate fatigue, mood has been high, soon arrived at the destination. Without a goal is blind, more patience will be while, again the strong confidence will be destroyed. Give yourself a clear vision, and small target which is decomposed into each stage can be achieved, hope you will always waving in the former direction, until the end of the day Grandmart promotional premium.

The psychologist said: life in a lot of people would give up halfway, because it is often not too difficult, but feel too far away from the success. They do not fall by the wayside, but because no definite and specific goals lead to burnout.

If we know how to break down your goal, work steadily forward, perhaps success is not far away Grandmart advertising premium.

We will " target " into " objective " and " sign, " can be interpreted as: on my way to the destination in the road, there are a lot of signs. These signs reminding us, not too far away!
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The sun arcs

The summer sun emits hot light, seem to want to put all evaporated. The few people on the streets of dust flying on the road. Among them there was a boy and a girl, want to know now young people are like house at home, even if the fine weather will not necessarily come out, brushless dc motor let alone now this hot weather.

Beside the boy walking in the girl about to speak, but saying nothing, a pair of appearance, but the girl next to nothing to see. Finally to the station ... ... The boy seems to be summoned the courage to the girl said : "I love you " the girl a cry of surprise. The boy seems to be more nervous, and continue on the girl said: " is there anyone you like? " " I love the people. " the girl said. " Oh, I know, that we can continue to be friends? " The boy's eyes flashed a lonely. " It certainly is " the girl smiled at the boy and said. The sound of a trumpet came, originally is the car. " Then, can you give me a chance?? " Said the boy to have got on a vehicle. " Well, I'll give you a chance. " the girl's voice came out of the car. The boy with a happy face, watching gradually distant car soft-voiced and mumbling way: " I hope this opportunity to come early "

The boy named Xiao Chen, a girl called Xu Fei. Two years ago the Cheng-Lun Hsiao turned to Xu Fei class, he thought that any girl he won't like this class, but he was wrong. In the last semester of grade he found he liked Xu Fei, and when it comes to the senior high school entrance examination. Xiao Chen is a silent boy introverted, but Xu Fei is just the opposite with him, she is very cheerful, lively. It is this that attract silent Xiao chen.

Finished senior high school entrance examination, Xiao Chen was poor, gear motor and Xu Fei did very well. They went to the same high school but not in the same class. School is not a night long Xiao morning in bed playing mobile phone suddenly Xu Fei sent him a message: Hey, tomorrow after school waiting for me at the school gate, walk together. See this news Cheng-Lun Hsiao excited for several hours to fall asleep. When the very next day school Xiao Chen early on at the school gate waiting, watching the coming from the teaching building of the Xu Fei, Xiao Chen smile. After a few weeks they walk together but sometimes there are junior high school students follow together, this let to two space Xiao Chen worried.

To go to school when they are not together, but their route is the same. In one day to go to school at Xiao Chen in Xu Fei's the only way which must be passed on, but he waited for 2 hours but can't wait to Xu Fei, he had to walk the lonely. That night after night Xiao Chen came to Xu Fei's class, and she together in the campus walk. On the way Xiao Chen could not help but ask: " when my opportunity to me? " Xu Fei said quietly: " next semester, next semester I will be your girlfriend " Xiao Chen is pleased to send her back to her bedroom. After every night Xiao Chen will go to meet her walk in her class ... ...

Until the winter holiday is coming, Xiao Chen suddenly received Xu Fei's message: I think time will change everything, one day I will put one's heart and soul into the love you, but together with you for so long, but I have not loved you. I might be a personal freedom. Xiao Chen saw this news, heart feeling sad. But still give him back a message: some love, simple like sand, brushless motor the wind blows on the loose, was not the least trace was found. Importantly, it in the sun had shone arc. I will keep our days together memories
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